Chat Schmat (Podcast)

Chat Schmat is a part-time semi-regular podcast/vodcast available to watch and listen to on YouTube.

Jonny Porter along with Neill Stringer began recording reviews of Doctor Who and stupid movies. Initially recording at various locations around Northern Ireland including The MAC theatre, since the pandemic we have been using ZOOM to record them as a livestream. Movie reviews from Police Academy to many of the Chuck Norris back catalogue. The most popular video to date is the Cannon Films American Ninja series review. Currently our regular episodes are part of a special series of reviews of dumb shark movies known as ‘SHARKFEST’ This includes reviews of films such as SHARKNADO (and the many sequels), MEGA SHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS, SWAMP SHARK, ROBO SHARK, JURASSIC SHARK and many more.

The show is prouduced by FAJO-BOMBE Productions for Chat Schmat.

A small no-budget series, Chat Schmat is on an annual review and a decision to continue is constantly assessed. We have various goals to meet including raising the subscriber count and using the episodes to cross promote other projects.

The main Chat Schmat website can be found HERE

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